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Gallia is a niche tour operator, in the market since 1993, specialised in hotel and sailing holidays.

Where does the name Gallia come from ?
As the encyclopedia has it, Gallia or Gaul, among the Romans the name for the region bordered by the Alps, the Rhine, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. In other words, present-day Belgium, France, Luxembourg and a part of the Netherlands and Germany. Right from the beginning in 1993 this was the region Gallia targeted.

Gallia concentrates on people who want a "holiday different from the rest". People who do not want to feel just another brick in the wall, either when booking their trip or during the trip itself. Gallia offers you a website crammed with hotels and ideas for a short break or for your main holiday, far from the mass tourist spots.

Our programmes include a whole range of accomodation in the UK and Ireland from B&B's to manors or castle hotels. In Scandinavia we offer our clients good 3* hotelaccomodation.
You can call on Gallia for a cartour nearby in England, Scotland, Ireland or in Canada or for a winter fun experience in Lapland.

For a successful and exceptional holiday in the UK, Ierland, Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and Canada,Gallia is your best choice.

All trips to be found on this website can be booked through licensed travel agencies in Belgium or directly with Gallia. Prices are the same.

Our website is available in Dutch and in French.

The Gallia team
Jo Vansimpsen, Reservations
Bart Cordens, Reservations
Aline Rosseels, Reservations
Joris Goddet, Reservations
Karen De Blander, Reservations
Jan Ryckeboer, Groups department manager
Christel Awouters, Reservations & management assistant
Kristel Winten, Software management
Manuela Libens, Public Relations & Product manager 
Philippe Bellemans, General Manager

Gallia Ltd/Headoffice
Weyerstraat 119/001
BTW: BE 0475.652.663
Licence: A5997

Gallia Ltd
Beverstraat 23

Visits only by appointment on friday/saterday in Ninove and all days in Nieuwerkerken.
Tel.: +32(0)54326981

Licence admitted by
Toerisme Vlaanderen
Grasmarkt 61
1000 Brussels

Insured against insolvency
Garantiefonds Reizen
Metrologielaan 8
1130 Brussels

Professional responsibility insured by
Koning Albert II laan 37
B-1030    BRUSSEL

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